Wednesday, March 16, 2011


There's been so much stupid chatter about the rumoured Final Cut Studio update that's coming, supposedly in the very near future, that I'd been hemming and hawing about writing about a piece on it for a couple weeks.

People want FCP to get better, but not to change.  Well, you can't have it both ways.  As I already outlined in my first article, DON'T FEAR OUR BUTTONLESS FUTURE, I think there's a lot of room for the UI of pro-edit software to grow and improve.  And although I don't see Apple ready to surprise us all with a touchscreen edit interface for Final Cut Pro 8, the rumours are very strong that we'll see some interesting changes in how the program works.

So instead of killing half a day writing an article, he's a list of links to the best speculative discussion on the mysterious FCPx that should be coming our way soon.

WARNING: This is not light reading.  Though I imagine that any search that brought you here seeking info will mean this is all right up your alley!

Philip Hodgetts Blog has been a great source of speculative info on FCP for several years.  He was entirely skeptical of the possibility of a near-term 64 bit release of FCP this year, until it occurred to him that the new Final Cut could be based on A/VFoundation.

A new 64 bit Final Cut Pro?

What is doing with Quicktime?

Philip and Terrence Curren expand on Philips theories in this great podcast.

and most recently, Scott Simmons waxes about what interface changes might mean to Final Cut.

A lot of people out there, and most especially those critical of FCP to begin with, or those who have already jumped ship to Premier, are decrying the limited info to mean the "iMovieification" of Final Cut.

To those people I say, do you also have lottery numbers you can send me from the future times?

Happy reading, and expect the second part of DON'T FEAR OUR BUTTONLESS FUTURE in the next week.